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André Lucas Carvalho

Computer Engineer, to be. Entrepreneur. Musician/DJ. CEO.

From this to that.

Creative work, and computer stuff.

ALC Corp was established in 2006 to pursue a musical interest in an organized manner, in 2009 it was re-registered as an Ltd (AS). In its lifetime, the company has served as the base for several projects and business ventures, including the operation of a subsidiary nightclub over a three year period. Our continuous involvement with entertainment, marketing, sales, and the shifting reality of these fields, has rewarded us with a great amount of experience and knowledge. From which we have built a healthy and strong network with several talented independent professionals. We help our costumers with comprehending conflicting interests in the given situation, and by facilitating the access to solutions, so that they may achieve satisfying results. Our communicative strength is reinforced by personal background, which extends international courtesy with partners and costumers who trade in English, Portuguese, Norwegian, and their bordering languages. In general, we seek to deliver the highest quality of results wherever we are involved.

Our Services

Computing & Programming

Supplying clever code for your software, and reliable solutions for your systems. Get in touch about your desired development and maintnance needs.

Web Design

Your beautiful homepage, from the informative site to a complete web application. Built to satisfy your needs and taste.


Problem-solving. Business strategy, project advisement, and development. Finding smart solutions to your needs, with quality and efficiency in mind.


If you are in need of music for your event or happening. Check out droydi.com for high quality, professional DJ services.

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